Lavinia mistress

Welcome to my word

I’m Lavínia Dominatrix a natural beauty, sexy and sophisticate woman. However, don’t let my appearance be trait you. I’m sadist at all. As anyone else I have a dark side. And it is deep on me.

Depending upon my mood I would be just provoking or hardly bring you to your limits (and test them). From a bondage and soft spanking session to a hard spanking or toilet one. I like fetishes and practically all BDSM fields. From strap-on, sissification, podolatry, all showers and all masochists preferences beyond others.

You’re welcome to my perverted world where I decide, I order and you obey. If you agree with my conditions (submissiveness, cleanness and respect) and demonstrate devotion to your owner you’ll be able to experience my incomparable skills in a full pleasure journey. Submit you’re self to my domain and fell the pleasure of being at the edge of your personality.

If you’re new on BDSM you are welcome but pay attention to your right place on my space.

The only rights you have are privacy and one safety word, nothing else.

Check my site bafore any contact

I offer Femdom sections in a VIP apartment in Rio de Janeiro or Paris 7eme, France.

The section is possible from 10:00 am to 00:00am every day.

Appointments require 24hrs at least for approval since I am really selective. In special cases if I am available it is possible to get approval in the same day.

A huge selection of toys and tools, leather clothes, LATEX, PVC, boots, heels among others would be applied as I desire.

The section will be based on SSC (Safe, sane and consensual) with mutual respect.

I like to cultivate a long term interaction with my slaves, submissive ad fetishists.

I will not tolerate curious people which are not sure about their submission.

Please, inform your e-mail with name, age, experience, fetishes and limitations.

I will analyze your profile and if and only if you get approval I will answer your contact in 24hrs.

Regarde mes photos et lit attentivement mon texte. Ne me fait pas perdre mon temps.
Je ne réponds pas aux appels par téléphone, uniquement par écrit via SMS ou WhatsApp.
Soit précis et organisé. Communique ton nom,âge,fétiches,expériences et limites ainsi que tout ce que tu peux dire de toi 
Écrire aide à organiser les pensées. Mon évaluation te concernant commence par écrit et si tu es réellement prêt pour me servir.
Viens embrasser mes pieds et être mon objet.
Mes esclaves disent que je suis la meilleure de l’univers